Tue 5:15pm-6:30pm

12-week pass $13pc/$156 total
5-week pass $15pc/$75 total
Casual $18pc

A gentle, therapeutic practice to slow down, tune in and let go.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and anatomical maps of the myo-fascia meridians, Yin poses target the body’s deeper tissues.

Safe stressing and stretching during longer, passive holds releases stored tension from the body-mind, similar to a long acupuncture session.

To enhance your Yin experience and connect even deeper to your wholeness, my Yin classes blend in Eastern practices such as mindfulness principles and meditation, pranayama and breath work, Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy.

With my guidance and modifications, this class is suitable for those who are pregnant.

Benefits of Yin:

Yin Yoga addresses the connective tissue, which reduces pain and stiffness, improves body posture, strength and endurance and creates elegance, harmony, greater mobility, and health. It follows Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom, working with the meridian pathways of the body for healthy Qi (prana or lifeforce).

Further benefits include:

  • Reduces stress relief
  • Decrease stress
  • Lengthens muscles
  • Reduces adhesions
  • Hydrates tissues and muscles
  • Thickens and strengthens ligaments
  • Lubricates joints
  • Hydrates skin
  • Detoxifies
  • Reduces degeneration of tissues
  • Normalises curvature of the spine
  • Reduces osteoporosis
  • Helps to prevent fusion of joints
  • Calms the nervous system and the mind
  • Increases the level of GABA (help the body respond to stress)
  • Assists meditative practice

“Yin Yoga with its long, slow stretches gives the chance for the muscles to calm down and then the fascia to stretch and release – this can facilitate the kind of re-patterning that leads to lasting release of chronic holdings, and in many cases, a profound change of mind and body.” – Thomas Myers, Fasica Expert and Author

Yoga Nidra:

Some classes end with Yoga Nidra – another healing practice towards the end, the most gentle of yoga practices also known as Yogic Sleep.

It is an ancient technique where you enter deep states of conscious relaxation. It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from your external world to the inner world. It offers a state of deep sleep where senses, intellect, and mind relax – it will help you recognise your more subtle energies, and promotes deep rest and wellbeing.

You rest on your back, staying awake during this practice that is reported to assist you in accessing your calm state more readily, improve your sleep, and sharpen your mind and creativity long after practicing it – only 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra, is said to equate to several hours of sleep.






Classes are open to all levels. Modifications, props and gentle hands-on assisting will be given to meet you where you’re at when in studio. Yin Yoga classes are suitable for pregnancy. Read more about classes to see which one might suit - active, dynamic Vinyasa or more gentle, passive Yin/Yoga Nidra.


Please enter studio classes on the riverside #19 Taupo Quay of the Whanganui Community Arts building 5-10 mins early to settle in. All equipment is provided. For your livestream class access, contact Simone for your Zoom link at least one day prior to class. Pre-pay cash or internet banking only.


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