…a yogini, yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurveda wellness lover, cacao facilitator, communications freelancer, Mother…all just labels, but a dedicated student of life without a doubt.

Over the last decade I’ve practiced, studied and learnt from some amazing humans in the industry to certify as an advanced Level 2 Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meridians, Mindfulness, Vinyasa Krama, Anatomy and Biomechanics, Vedic Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I’m also a certified Cermonial Cacao Facilitator, inducted into Reiki level 1, and trained in Kids Yoga Therapy.

Today, my teachings are informed by modern movement and biomechanics practices, as well as the wisdom originating from the great ancient sages of the East. Particularly Vedic philosophy, Tantra Hatha, and Ayurveda, natural scientific systems for living that has enriched my life over the last decade, and which I feel compelled to share with you.

As I delve deeper into this rich path of awakening, I discover that the answers to our questions can’t be found externally, and therfore I believe the greatest work we can do is the work on ourselves. The more that we look inwards, the more opportunity we have to connect to realise why we are here and what matters most.

It’s my teaching intention to always offer a heart-felt, safe and welcoming space that awakens you to the true light and wholeness within – so you can expand and grow, so you ride the waves of life more smoothly, and so you can be a force of good in the world.

Under the brand of Yoga Spirit, I offer private one-to-one and group sessions, and open Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes each week at my Whanganui-based city studio.

I also offer wellness workshops and experiences, events and retreats, often in collaboration with other light workers and practitioners that I have been lucky enough to connect with on my journey.

After living in big cities and travelling abroad for almost 20 years, I’m very blessed to anchor my roots (along with my family) to the smaller, yet beautiful and sacred place that is Whanganui.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Modern Ayurveada – Dual Benefits of Yoga & Ayurveda | The Ayurveda Experience
Ceremonial Cacao Faciltation Training | Seleno Health
Trauma-Informed Yoga | YogaCoach
Traditonal Tantric Hatha Yoga Intensive | Octavio Salvado The Practice Bali
iRest Yoga Nidra | Molly Birkholm
+300 Hour Advanced YTT (Level 2) | OM Yoga
Advanced Biomechanics + Anatomy | OM Yoga
Advanced Yin, Mindfulness + Meridians | OM Yoga
Advanced Creative + Meaningful Sequencing | OM Yoga
Advanced Ancient Philosophy, Pranayama, Mantra + Meditation | OM Yoga
Restorative Yoga | Cindy Lee
Reiki 1 – First Degree | Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing
Yoga Teacher’s Master Summit | Yoga International
Kids Yoga Therapy | Calm Classrooms
Psoas Workshop | Nikki Rolston
Ayurveda for Wellbeing | Ayurveda Healing Instititue
Kids Yoga | Go Go Yoga for Kids
200 Hour YTT Level 1 | Power Living Australia
200 RYT Yoga Alliance

Join the conscious community of like-minded souls coming together for Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, or Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. You will be warmly welcomed.
Each class is full of natural healing medicine for your mind, body and spirit.

"Everything about Simone’s yoga teaching is an invitation. An invitation to playfully, gently and lovingly explore. There are no rights or wrongs, or perfect yoga bodies. There is just you, and all that you are, enjoying yoga with Simone.

- Denise

"I love discovering all the things I didn’t think I could do with my body and I always leave feeling so much calmer and more in control than when I arrived. However, the most unexpected highlight for me is this lovely little community that exists there and the special connections I’ve made. Coming along to my first class was a challenge, I was anxious about all the ‘what ifs’. Funny to think about now, because the studio is definitely one of my happy places now."

- Hannah


"Even after one class with Simone, I felt my self opening up again. I'm now mindfully making decisions to prioritise my health and give my body the love it deserves."
 - Lily

"Simone's classes go well beyond poses to cover every aspect of mind-body wellbeing. She uses a unique blend of ancient yogic tools mixed with modern day practices to take things to another level. For the first time, I'm discovering what yoga is really about and my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is thanking me."
- Debbie


"This year the stars aligned and I found a yoga teacher whose style and ethos fits with mine. I learn something new every class and the playlists are AMAZING. I always leave feeling uplifted and that stays with me long after. It's been a catalyst for getting fitter and eating more mindfully - thanks Simone, I’m addicted!"
- Julie

"If you're looking to experience the many health benefits of yoga, Simone creates a very pleasent space and teaches with a nice, relaxed and authentic style."
- Tony

"I loved, loved, loved learning more about the correct and safe alignment of poses and its been so cool feeling my body change and get stronger. The best part for me was learning how to be present in the moment and access my inner calm."
- Carly

"Thank you Simone for sharing your love of yoga. It certainly found me just at the right moment in my life. I'm loving it always look forward to my weekly classes with you."
- Carryn

"I'm so grateful to Simone, Leaf, and Drugo for hosting the Yin Yoga + Sound Bath. It was out of this world. I wish there were more events like this. It was held at full moon and a time to honor and have gratitude for the teachers for their dedication and devotion to us. Simone thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher."
- Maija