Yin Yoga: Summer Series

Yin Yoga: Summer Series

Wed | 10:30am-11:45am
Nov 16th + 5 weeks

$90 ($18 per class)
$20 casual drop-in


Yoga Spirit Studio
198 Somme Parade
Aramoho Boating Club

Embrace the fullness and aliveness of early summer with this five-week Yin Yoga series.

This 5-week summer series will help you balancing the fire element within – the energy of summer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

This energy is symbolic of maximum activity or greatest yang, which means that it is a time of heat, outgoingness, and moving outward in nature and in our lives.

In human anatomy, the heart, mind, and spirit are ruled by the fire element, called ‘Shen’. 

This all-levels Yin Yoga practice will focus on the heart and small intestine meridian, the two pathways related to ensure your fire energy is balanced – so you can feel all the good vibes of summer; joy, fun, and inspiratoin according to TCM and not manic and anxious when this energy is out of balance

The Yin Yoga practice on offer is a very gentle all-levels class for even those new to yoga, nursing injuries, or pre-post natel, with modifications and props offered. You will be held in a supportive, welcoming space for your 75 minute Yin practice and its natural, therapeutic, and nourishing affects.

Acessible and mindful breath and meditation practices will be weaved in either side of the Yin practice to support your connection to Self and return to wholeness.

Benefits of Yin:

Yin Yoga addresses the connective tissue, which reduces pain and stiffness, improves body posture, strength and endurance and creates elegance, harmony, greater mobility, and health. It follows Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom, working with the meridian pathways of the body for healthy Qi (prana or lifeforce).

    Further benefits include:

    • Reduces stress relief
    • Decrease stress
    • Lengthens muscles
    • Reduces adhesions
    • Hydrates tissues and muscles
    • Thickens and strengthens ligaments
    • Lubricates joints
    • Hydrates skin
    • Detoxifies
    • Reduces degeneration of tissues
    • Normalises curvature of the spine
    • Reduces osteoporosis
    • Helps to prevent fusion of joints
    • Calms the nervous system and the mind
    • Increases the level of GABA (help the body respond to stress)
    • Assists meditative practice
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