New Moon Cacao + Meditation

New Moon Cacao + Meditation

Facilitator: Simone

When: Friday 21st October

Contribution: $50pp

Venue: Private Space
Address provided upon booking


New Moon Cacao + Meditation

Calm your nervous system, restore balance and get clear on your intentions with the heart-warming goodness of medicinal plant-based ceremonial cacao, breath work, meditation and journalling – all brought together to support your return to wholeness. A unique Friday evening spring workshop to gift to to your mind, body, and spirit wellbeing – accessible for everyone.

During this experience you can expect to:

  • Sip on the highest quality Peruvian ceremonial cacao, with blissful heart-opening compounds – it’s 100% pure artisan cacao, scientifically tested and a blend designed to help internalising and spiritual awakening.
  • Explore the cacao tree and nutritional benefits of cacao and learn how to commune with cacao as a daily ritual for healing and soothing.
  • Learn yogic breath practice and Kryia to calm the nervous system and activate the free flow of prana through the body.
  • Access deeper levels of creativity, wellbeing, and peace with a guided meditation.
  • Get clear on your desires and affirmations with journal inspiration and prompts under the healing light of the new moon.

About cacao:

Ceremony is about coming together with an intention – we gather to rest from the outside world and tune in with who and how we are.

Medicinal cacao enhances our receptivity to the magic held within ourselves. She is a soft yet powerful plant-teacher that helps to soothe our souls and open our hearts for our families and communities.

Cacao helps increase the energetic field of our hearts, and when consumed in a group this energetic field becomes exponentially more expansive.

Mama cacao (when prepared and used correctly) is nature’s medicine, it is a mood enchancer, pain moderator, and antioxidant – a superfood full of amazing bioactive compounds that are good for you – iron, potassium, and magnesium to name a few! It was referred to by the ancients cultures where cacao originates in Central and South America as a ‘gift from the gods’.

Cacao can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy. It increases blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin. Sacred cacao is also said to provide heightened awareness, focus and intensified sensations, making it the perfect exlir to prime the body, mind, and spirit for  Yoga Nidra meditation journey.

The best way to know what cacao can offer you is to experience it yourself!

About Yoga Breath Work + Meditation:

Yoga pranayama (breath) is how we direct the lifeforce and key to sustaining wellbeing in the body and mind, and accessing higher states of consciousness. The yogi’s say all dis-ease in the body begins with blockages in the breath (prana).

You will be safely guided through a special yoga pranayama exercise and meditation from the Hatha Tantra tradition – Kriya’s for everyday householders and helpful in stilling the mind and turning inward to reach samadhi (oneness).

Yoga Nidra will also be on offer, it is the most gentle of yoga practices where you simply lie on your back in corpse pose (called Savasana in Sanskrit).

You will be invited on a sarced journey around your body, rotating consciousness to release and holdings and connect with the trusting rhythm truth and light within and tap into the healing waters of the new moon (known as soma).

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic Sleep. It not only helps you to recognise your more subtle energies, but also promotes deep rest and wellbeing.

Yoga Nidra is also reported to assist you in accessing your calm state more readily, improve your sleep, and sharpen your mind and creativity long after practicing it – 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra, which is said to equate to two hours of sleep. A practice that is super nourishing for many consumed by the ‘doing’ in our modern, busy, Western life.

To bring/prepare:

  • An extra blanket and cushion for maximum comfort (to help you in seated or lying down meditaton). Chairs will be available if sitting down is not accessible.
  • Your own journal and pen for a journal exercise to end.
  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours beforehand, and hydrate with plenty of water before and after drinking cacao.
  • Please arrive 2-5 mins early to settle in so we can start on-time.


Spaces are limited so if this calls you please be quick to book in for yourself (and a loved one – friend or family) using the registration form below.

Your place will be confirmed when you make your contribution of of $50pp to Yoga Spirit: 38-9019-0371435-01. Please use your FULL name (both first and last) as the reference.

Please consult your medical practitioner for advice if you are on medication and have sensitivity to chocolate.

Time doesn’t suit? Or you have a group of five or more and wish to request this package or similar privately – at your own location of choice? Please get in touch for with Simone to chat about possiblities.

Simone is a qualified level 2 Yoga Instructor and Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator at Yoga Spirit who endeavours to hold safe, nourishing spaces to return you to your true state of being, one that is peaceful, free, and vibrant, no matter your age. Simone offers yoga and/or wellness-based experiences, workshops, and retreats as well as weekly classes and private sessions. If you sign up to the mailing list community or join the Yoga Spirit Facebook Group you will be alerted to all the new cool stuff.

Testimonials (recent August 2022)

“Simone is an excellent teacher and communicator who I would highly recommend this series to others. It is a great introduction to the basics of Yoga and Ayurveda, and the balance of theory and practical is perfect. I loved accessing the additional weekly resources and replays – this was an inspiring 6-weeks that has gifted me with new positive healthy living habits. Thanks Simone!”
– Deborah

“Everything flowed well from one session to the next, the resources were great, and I felt well supported – there was always a good amount of time to share or ask questions. The room was set up beautifully each week, which added to the specialness of this series. What an awesome opportunity to know myself better and make small changes to my daily routines that work for my body type.”
– Maree

“An unexpected but very welcome positive change in my thought patterns and motivation was reveled during Habits of a Yogini. I feel mentally rejuvenated and well equipped to build on the amazing and vast knowledge and practices shared by Simone. I loved coming together as a group and the discipline and commitment that brought.”
– Heidi 

“Simone offers a wide variety of holistic approaches from the yoga traditon that has helped me extend my knowledge for my body, mind, and spirit wellbeing. I really loved the session recordings and other material available online – it provided the flexibilty to engage outside the sessions and re-enforce learnings. Simone is a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful teacher.”
– Sharon 

“What a wonderful and enlightening experience! I loved so many of the different elements of the course – the Yin poses, breath work, meditation, the cacao ceremony. Over the six weeks I experienced some wonderful releases and felt a shift in some old, unhelpful ways of thinking. Simone is a wonderful teacher and the classes always felt peaceful and welcoming, I wouldn’t hesitate to do another course with Simone.”
– Tina



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