Little & Big

Little & Big
w Simone

17 November x 4 weeks


Virginia Lake Bowl

A unique opportunity to join yoga and mindfulness classes in nature to learn key tools and techniques to help your child (and you) to stay well and happy during the early, and often challenging, years.

This is a one hour session running over four weeks and is aimed at 3-6 year olds as well as the big person in their life (parent, caregiver, grandparent, Aunty, Uncle, big sister, or big brother).

You and your little one will learn yoga, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation, and social-emotional activities in a play-based environment that can easily be integrated into your home and every-day life.

The yogic-inspired tools aim to help release stress, regulate the nervous system, express and integrate feelings and attend to the present moment – helping both you and your little access peace (or longer periods of it!) together.

There will be yoga philosophy, stories, music, games, nature art, and partner work to explore and enjoy in a collaborative, creative, and memorable way. We will also explore short age-appropriate meditations and relaxations to calm busy minds.

Part class/part course we will be applying these fun and easy-to-do activities and practices during each session.  The learning will come by ‘doing’ meaning you and your child will be absorbing the magic right then and there.  Watch your little one teach you.

This four-part series is a unique opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in a fun and creative environment.


Some of the benefits of your child practicing regular yoga and mindfulnes include:

  • Optimising health, well-being and happiness
  • Stimulating new brain cell development
  • Increasing creativity and ability to learn – brains in pain can’t learn
  • Cultivating self-regulation and acceptance of emotions
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing attention span and improve memory
  • Enhancing self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Building a strong, open and flexible body


A cup of heart-warming ceremonial cacao will be on offer during the last session together. When farmed, prepared and used correctly, cacao is a mood enhancer, pain moderator, and antioxidant – nature’s superfood full of amazing bioactive compounds that are good for you – iron, potassium, and magnesium to name a few. Cacao increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart, and skin, it can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy – as if kids didn’t already have enough!. Their little bodies, minds, and spirits will love this healthy version of a hot chocolate , served as a daily dose and not ceremonial strength. Adults are invited to drink a medicinal cup too.


Spaces are limited to benefit those attending.

Choose between two times – morning or afternoon. Both classes will be held in the beautiful surrounds of Virginia Lake bowl – in front of the bird avairy.


  • One little to one big (this is so you can both honour this special time together and get the most out of what’s on offer
  • Four-week commitment
  • All of the equipment and age-appropriate resources will be provided. Please bring your own water bottles.

To register using the form below and make your contribution of $100 ($25 per class – $12.50 each) into the Yoga Spirit bank account: 38-9019-0371435-01.

Please use your child’s full name as the reference. Your place will be confirmed once payment has been accepted.

All enquires are welcome by contacting Simone direct.

Yoga Spirit’s standard Terms and Conditions apply (please read to agree to these in the registration form below).

Simone, a certified level 2 adults and kids yoga teacher, has been sharing her love of yoga with adults, pre-school and school aged children across Whanganui for five+ years. Join the Yoga Spirit Facebook group to stay tuned about future kid-focused (and/or adult) yoga and mindfulness classes and events.


“My granddaughter Poppy (almost 5) and I loved attending Little & Big. Poppy looked forward to it every week and was so sad it had to end, she has some wonderful yoga tools to take with her as she begins school. I highly recommend it, much thanks Simone.”
– Kim Gooding, Poppy’s Nana

“Talulah (aged 2.5) was a little shy to begin with but after four weeks she has absolutely blossomed and what Simone has taught us is seriously helping deal with emotions. She can’t stop talking about ‘oga’ and showing Dad all the poses and breathing exercises – ‘Bumble bee’ breath is a favourite and we use it together to settle and relax before bedtime.”
– Carly Mcalorum, Talulah’s Mum

“Thank you so much Simone for our wonderful yoga and mindfulness sessions this year – the children always looked forward to you coming. It was amazing to watch the children transform from busy to peaceful, calm five year olds. The different themes and messages you shared throughout, fitted perfectly with our school values and virtues programme.
– Dinny Harrison, New Entrant/Year 0 Teacher, St Johns Hill School

“Thank you so much for sharing your light, love and passion for yoga with nga tamariki Simone. Your kind, gentle and fun loving personality makes you the perfect person to brighten up our day.”
– Fiona Penn, Head Teacher, Whanganui Montessori Pre-School

“Simone is wonderful with our children when she shares yoga. So peaceful and calm and our kindy children are captivated by the wonderfully imaginative story lines and themes built into the movement. Highly recommend Simone as an instructor for children.”
– Shelley Kyle, Teacher, St Johns Hill Kindergarten


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