Heart-Mind Manifesting

Heart-Mind Manifesting

w Simone + guest

Date: 3 February 2023

Cost: $35

Vision boarding infused with ceremonial cacao, the sacred AUM mantra, and the healing sounds of the hang drum, didgeridoo, and jaw harp.

If you have ever created a vision board or worked with the power of manifestation, you will know it works! Visualising your desires into creation is possible and this experience offers you the space and opportunity to do just that.

February is a great time to further blossom and birth your dreams and wishes you may have set in January, or if not, new ones into the energy of the new year.

Here’s what you can expect during your two-hour experience, held at the Yoga Spirit studio on the riverfront.

Ceremonial cacao: 

Nourish your being and open your heart to manifest with a cup of ceremonial cacao – 100% pure and organic*. The ceremonial cacao has been milled like ancient traditions to contain all the antioxidants and bioactives of the whole bean. Sourced from a one-family farm in Peru that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices, this is highly therapeautical cacao. Testing shows it contains the highest levels of theobromine (uplifting), ethanolamides (bliss), tryptophan (joy), tryptamine (euphoria), phenylethylamine (satisfaction), polyphenols (clarity), magnesium (stress), zinc (immune), and other essential minerals.

AUM Kriya:

Practice a three-part AUM (OM) kriya from the Tantric Hatha lineage that you can take away and use in your own Sadhana (spiritual practice).

This Kryia will include pranayama (breath work), japa mantra (repetition of the most sacred of Sanskrit mantras), and Dhyana (meditation) to access your inner light of intelligence – connecting your heart-mind and priming you to visualise and attract your deepest desires.

Vision boarding:

Some ancient poetry and teachings from sages, masters, and mystics will further inspire you as you get creative designing your own vision board to take away and display at home. All material and equipment is provided.

Sound healing:

Be inspired by the background sounds of the hang drum, didgeridoo, jaw harp and more traditional instruments, played by talented musician Drugo (who has also played at Yoga Spirit sound baths).

The hang drum, is tuned to 432 Hz (the frequency of the Earth) and has been associated with enhancing mood and alleviating fatigue. It is the natural tuning of the universe and is a cosmic number related to sacred geometry that provides relaxation. It extends its roots in musical theory, science and architecture. Meditating with the healing power of 432 Hz music can help gain greater insights to mental and emotional clarity.

The vibration and sound waves of the didgeridoo is considered by many to have a healing effect on living tissue and promote movement and unblocking of energy, assisting in stress, disease, anxiety, depression, injury, and emotional pain. Aboriginal elders play the didgeridoo near sick people to help them regain health. Contemporary science is currently documenting the beneficial effects of vibration on bone, muscle, and hormonal function.

The jaw harp is an ancient and shamanic instrument and considered holy in some cultures due to its vibrational healing abilities.


No experience is needed, this is a fun, creative, uplifting session for those that feel the call.

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About your facilitators:


Simone from Yoga Spirit is a 500 hour yoga and meditation teacher offering private one-to-one and group sessions, and open yoga classes and wellness workshops and experiences to the community of Whanganui.

She is advanced level two trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meridians, Mindfulness, Vinyasa Krama, Anatomy and Biomechanics, Vedic Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kids Yoga Therapy.

Simone’s teachings are informed by modern movement and biomechanics practices, as well as the wisdom originating from the great ancient sages of the East. Particularly Vedic philosophy and Ayurveda, natural scientific systems for living a more enriched, joyful, loving existence.

Believing the greatest work we can do is the work on ourselves, it’s her teaching intention to offer a safe and welcoming space that awakens you to the true light and wholeness within. So you can expand and grow, so you ride the waves of life more smoothly, and so you can be a force of good in the world.

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Drugo delicately weaves together the essence of breath and vibration to play ancient shamanic instruments including the jaw harp, hang drum, didgeridoo, and drum. Drugo is self taught, with intuition and life experience being his most influential teachers.

He says: “When I play, I get out of the way and let the instrument play me. I become an energy portal, sharing what surrounds me in the moment, from people, from nature, from consciousness. This energy flows into my body and breath to transform into unique sound vibration.”

“The uniting of breath and vibration creates something that we can all understand and feel – the  vibration is the beating of the heart and soul, the rhythm of earth, and it is time in it’s purest form.”