Habits of a Yogi

5-week ‘summer’ series

Tue | 10:45pm-12:00pm
November 16th + 5 weeks




Replace unhealthy habits with new positive habits in this 5-week series designed to help you transform stress to calm, fogginess to clarity, and tiredness to vibrancy.

Each week you will discover time-tested tools, rituals and practices to integrate into your life that help to regulate your rhythms and leave you feeling better in your own skin.

Thrive rather than survive

In addition to a nourishing weekly Yin Yoga practice, you will learn 5,000-old time tested practices from the yogic sciences, including Ayurveda, the oldest natural system for health and wellbeing in the world.


  • Wellness/lifestyle habit teaching and coaching
  • Ayurveda and Yoga Sutra practices and wisdom
  • All-levels weekly Yin Yoga class – summer practice guided by TCM theory with mindfulness and self enquiry (focus on the heart meridian)
  • Yoga Nidra and/or meditation weekly
  • Pranyama breathwork weekly
  • Online resources to help install your habits
  • Group support, motivation, and accountability to succeed
  • Heart-warming, medicinal cup of cacao in ceremony to finish
  • Full recordings of all the practices for a lifetime

Week-by-Week Habit

Each week I will share yogic tools, philsophy, and rituals to ignite, inspire and install more positive habits in your life. They include:

  1. Healthy Practices
  2. Healthy Eating & Drinking
  3. Health Living and Routines
  4. Healthy Breath, Body, Mind
  5. Healthy Dharma

Who is this for?

This offering is for anyone (female and male) interestd in applying yogic lifestyle wisdom to their lifestyle to help live more fully and feel more alive. 

Beyond the time we spend together, you will have access to a group page to ask questions, collaborate with each other, and each other, online resources, guides, tools, links, and inspiration to support you on the path.

You do not need to have any prior yoga experience to join. This is also suitable for pre and postnatel Mum’s with suitable modifications given for the Yin practice.

Attending in-person is most benefitical but as the recordings are available, you won’t miss a thing.

How do I join?

If you are ready to rekindle your spark and jump in to this small group coming together to install positive lifestyle habits, please either private message me to let me know to save your spot, or register below.

Bank account details can be found on my Rates page.

For more on the benefits of practicing Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, please see my Yin Yoga page.

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.” – BKS Iyengar


“Simone is an excellent teacher and communicator and I would highly recommend this series to others. It is a great introduction to the basics of Yoga and Ayurveda, and the balance of theory and practical is perfect. I loved accessing the additional weekly resources and replays – this was an inspiring 6-weeks that has gifted me with new positive healthy living habits. Thanks Simone!”
– Deborah (July 2022)

“Everything flowed well from one session to the next, the resources were great, and I felt well supported – there was always a good amount of time to share or ask questions. The room was set up beautifully each week, which added to the specialness of this series. What an awesome opportunity to know myself better and make small changes to my daily routines that work for my body type.”
– Maree (July 2022)

“An unexpected but very welcome positive change in my thought patterns and motivation was reveled during Habits of a Yogini. I feel mentally rejuvenated and well equipped to build on the amazing and vast knowledge and practices shared by Simone. I loved coming together as a group and the discipline and commitment that brought.”
– Heidi (July 2022)

“Simone offers a wide variety of holistic approaches from the yoga traditon that has helped me extend my knowledge for my body, mind, and spirit wellbeing. I really loved the session recordings and other material available online – it provided the flexibilty to engage outside the sessions and re-enforce learnings. Simone is a wonderful, caring, and thoughtful teacher.”
– Sharon (July 2022)

“What a wonderful and enlightening experience! I loved so many of the different elements of the course – the Yin poses, breath work, meditation, the cacao ceremony. Over the six weeks I experienced some wonderful releases and felt a shift in some old, unhelpful ways of thinking. Simone is a wonderful teacher and the classes always felt peaceful and welcoming, I wouldn’t hesitate to do another course with Simone.”
– Tina (July 2022)

Registration: Habits of a Yogi




Please book and pre-pay online for your class/es. Classes are open to all levels. Modifications, props and gentle hands-on assisting will be given to meet you where you’re at when in studio. All equipment is provided, you are welcome to BYO.


Upon arrival at our river front space, enter through the first door on your left as you walk down the driveway. You are welcome to park off the road down the bottom of the drive. Look for the Yoga Spirit signage to guide you. Doors will open five minutes before class. No mobile phones on and please respect your fellow yogi's by keeping noise to a minimum.


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