w Simone

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Spring 2019
90 mins

Virginia Lake
Meet – Rotokawa Reserve, Norfolk Drive

$10 R10-18 (with an an adult)



Join Tickle My Feet Yoga teacher Simone, for a 90 minute workshop based in the beautiful surrounds of Virginia Lake to tap into a deep (and often forgotten) connection with nature.

Discovering powerful ways to layer yoga with mindful moments, you’ll realise how powerful your practice can be when making the most of the great outdoors.




Meeting at Rotokawa Reserve (Norfolk Drive entrance by the roundabout) we will take a short stroll to a secluded spot of Virginia Lake to ground ourselves with a sensory mediation and pranayama (breath work).

After a gentle, pure asana (pose) warm-up we will begin a peaceful stroll around a part of Virgina Lake, practicing a few yoga shapes using mother nature as our props.  Expect to access poses not sometimes possible in a studio setting with Mother Nature giving you a helping hand!

Combined with many moments to see, smell, feel, touch and notice natures wonders, you’ll allow your sense to tap into nature and its healing energy. On our way back to base, we’ll practice morna (silence) to stay in our centered, grounded and awake space a little longer.


The WHY?


Studies repeatedly show that being in nature has many benefits, from increasing the activity of cancer-fighting cells to lowering blood pressure and increasing memory and attention span. As human beings, we’re meant to be outside. Practicing outdoor yoga connects us to yoga’s roots, the ancient yogi sages knew that their relationship with nature was an essential part of yoga.

With each deep natural breath of air we’ll relax, breathe and open up to the energy of the sky – you’ll feel fresh and more alive, each pose will be heightened and you’ll open up to a whole world of inner clarity, self-awareness and divine abundance.




No mat required, this is a practice connecting ourselves as close as possible to Mother Earth.  Wear some clothing that you don’t mind getting ‘touched’ by nature and some comfortable walking shoes.

Please note that we will meet at Rotokawa Reserve (off Norfolk Drive, just to the left of the roundabout before Cotswolds Close), a very private area backing on to Virginia Lake.

Beginners, first timers and experienced yogi’s welcome. Children/teenagers 10 years of age and over are welcome with an accompanied adult.




Expect to learn ‘natural’ tools to bring you back to balance, better manage stress and reach moments of clarity with this 90 minutes of eco-yoga” natures prescription to cultivate more clam in your life. Take home’s to enhance your yoga practice include:

  • A meditation perfect for connecting with nature
  • Pranayama (breathing) technique to calm the nervous system and increase the life force running through you
  • Tricks to easily turn on the five senses
  • A walking meditation – never stroll the same again!
  • Hand seals/mudras to deepen your practice
  • 10+ asanas using nature as your props
  • A gentle sattva (pure) outdoor yoga sequence to open up the body and restore the soul
  • Tools and tips for tapping into natures medicine and abundance.