Ayurveda for Spring

By Simone Grant
Ayurveda Enthusiast/Practitioner-in-the-making

Spring, the most popular season of the year has arrived. Unlike nature, us humans don’t always transition gracefully from one season to the next – especially from winter to spring as we come out of hibernation feeling sluggish with too much on our plates.

The wisdom of Ayurveda (yoga’s sister-science and the world’s oldest surviving system of healing) is here to help us balance the shift of seasons, to remind us to live in harmony with nature and emerge feeling ready to get our springtime groove on:

Here are four basic Ayurveda tips to balance the spring elements of fire and water in our system – from sluggish bear to light butterfly!:


De-cluttering your space will help you de-clutter your mind. It’s much easier to clean the temple of the body and mind when the temple of the home or work space is clear. Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes a day and work on a particular area of your space – aiming for keeping only what you use and/or deep cleaning a particular area: outsource if need be! Get new plants and increase the amount of fresh green things in your living space.


Spring is the perfect time for a mild Ayurvedic cleanse to reduce toxins (ama) from the body that have accumulated over winter. Since spring is ruled by the organs liver and gallbladder, it the perfect time to give those organs a break from the sweet, heavy comfort foods we reach for when cold. Try cutting out sugar, alcohol, dairy, caffeine and fried foods to give your body a break. Leave three to four hours between eating and increase your intake of water or chamomile tea, alkaline foods (seasonal green veggies, seasonal fruits, whole grains, healthy oils such as coconut oil and avocados) and yoga. Asana – Sun Salutations, Chair, Crow, Goddess, Warrior III and back bends – along with deep, rhythmic Ujjayi breaths will create inner heat (tapas), improve joint mobility, aid digestion and elimination and increase circulation. You will know when you’ve created enough tapas if, after practice, you feel light, warm, and invigorated, with an alert mind, clear senses, and fluid emotions throughout the day. To keep the momentum of tapas going, it’s important to be consistent at this time of year. Showing up regularly on your mat ensures your body will get what it needs for a gentle, gradual reduction of excess kapha, and your mind will wake up from the fog of wintertime habits.


The simplest is often the hardest. When we simplify our days, our space and our wish list, we have more space just to be – more important than ever with our busy, over-stimulated modern lives which promote work more, do more. Instead, aim to schedule the ‘unscheduled’ time or do things that truly revitalise your body and soul. Breathe, to rest, to delight in each moment. Find 10 minutes in your day to do pranayama (breathing practices) to wring out kapha. Try a simple samma vrtti – count to five as you inhale and five as you exhale. Take a short pause after the inhale and after the exhale, as a reminder to pause and take space. If you feel especially hot, stressed or need to relax, lengthen the exhale (five in, eight out) – aim for 12 rounds of breath. Sit on a cushion or block with your crown of the head to the sky or put your legs up the wall if you feet feel tired, hot or swollen.


Forge a connection to the re-birth of the natural world.  The bird, bees, flowers are full of inspiration for renewal and transformation. Head outdoors to a place of beauty and observe a period of silence. Walk bare foot to tap into the battery of the planet, slow down to examine the buds and shoots and discover a deeper appreciation for this fresh, new season. Or create a candle-lighting ritual as a reminder of the increasing light of spring. Anything that gives you time and space to appreciate the beautiful transformation that’s happening around you will fill you with inspiration, energy, and light.